Friendly Places on the Radio

Promotional messages for some of our advertisers (and for Friendly Places) are often slotted in for broadcast in Rodney Collins shows - schedules below.

Programme Schedules

The music playlist for the Rodney Collins show is published each week on ABC Oldies web site. The show is broadcast weekly by agreement with the radio stations listed below. Please check the individual websites for broadcast dates and times as these may vary week to week.

In all, the main programme is broadcast 24 times weekly by the stations below, with a further 26 stations  broadcasting the show on a regular basis including 9 cable stations in Europe and the US, although these stations do not include many of the advertising spots. The list below gives main broadcasts ONLY.

Please note times refer to BST and that the show starts its weekly run on Saturday evenings with Miskin Radio, finishing the following Saturday morning on ABC Oldies.

Programme timings can vary by two or three minutes either way, because of individual schedules. Some placings are aimed at the overseas listeners in the United States, Australia etc..